The Last Jimmy is a hardcore Hip-Hop musical starring Karl Dice Raw Jenkins, written by Phillip Brown and inspired by Dr. Michelle Alexander's best seller; “The New Jim Crow; Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”.

The Last Jimmy will be back July 26-31st. Come and see this theatrical event during the DNC 2016. Meet local celebrities, politicians and the cast at The Drake Hotel Theater, 1512 Spruce Street, Philadelphia PA. Be there when The Last Jimmy Returns to its Roots in Philadelphia.

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"The Last Jimmy" is a poignant and relevant stage play that explores mass incarceration.  It boldly outlines the ills of the criminal justice system and prison industrial complex. The major theme of TLJ is the transformation of heart and

mind; as a result of forgiving, and forgiveness.


Told through a musical odyessey this production takes us within the plight of the court and prison system from the experience of young Black males.


"The Last Jimmy" is inspired by Dr. Michelle Alexander's book, "The New Jim Crow". The production features original music and lyrics by Dice Raw, choreography by Renee Harris, written by Phillip S. Brown and directed by Ozzie Jones. "The Last Jimmy" showcased to sold-out audiences at The Kimmel Center in 2013, and the Freedom Theater in 2014. 


Almost 2.4 million people, majority poor and minorities, are incarcerated in deplorable conditions that can easily be called inhumane. Draconian laws and the lack of resources to fairly fight a court case disproportionately affect poor communities of color.

Beyond the stage production, "The Last Jimmy" is a grassroots movement to raise awareness around mass incarceration, and connects resources to people and families of those affected.




Cast and Musicians - The Last Jimmy

Making excuses and giving a pass to every urban socio-economically disadvantaged Black, Hispanic or White inmate in America is not what Dice is about. “...are you kidding, most of the people inside deserve to be there,” says Dice who has applied the hard work and discipline of a job to his music, recording, writing and rapping career since he was 14 years old!

However there is also ample evidence that the system, in fact the industry of private for-profit penitentiaries is fueled disproportionately by the incarceration of those least able to adequately defend themselves within the legal system, according to Dice.



"THE LAST JIMMY" contains adult themes and adult language.

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